Anat Baniel Method

The Anat Baniel Method can help people of all types and all ages get more out of life. Reduce pain, increase emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Learn to access your brain to create phenomenal results. Increase your capacity to be involved in your life and live your life to the fullest.

Who should use the method?

The Anat Baniel Method(sm) (ABM) has relieved people of neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries (RSI), other limitations that dampen their vitality. If you want to function better, perform at a higher level, or get back a more youthful vitality, ABM can help.

People who have found result from ABM include:

  • Athletes
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Writers
  • Executives
  • High Achievers
  • Individuals desiring more vitality
  • Special needs children

No specific issue is needed to benefit from the increased energy and vitality that learning to move into your life more powerfully can provide. ABM can give you the tools and experience to make lasting changes efficiently and effectively.

The Nine Essentials

By defining Nine Essentials, Anat Baniel has made accessible the possibility of lifetime fitness for mind and body, giving you the ability to achieve true personal empowerment. Recent scientific research shows that our brains have the remarkable ability to grow and change throughout our lives. Research show that the brain has great plasticity, that it is, in fact, an incredibility agile learner given the right circumstances. You can teach an old dog new tricks…(young ‘dogs’ benefit too!) ABM shows tangible, effective ways to reach your true potential providing immediate outcomes that often appear miraculous. What ABM really teaches is how to access the brain so it’s alive and awake and able to make new connections. When we’re truly connected, we can make changes very quickly.

Essential One

Movement with Attention. A powerful tool to talk to your brain and rapidly form new connections creating new possibilities.

Essential Five

Slow. You can only do fast, what you already know how to do. Slow down, pay attention, and experience how you move. Then you can see what works, what needs work, and what works best.

Want more? See Anat’s book “Move Into Life” or ask me.

Ways to Exprience the Anat Baniel Method(sm)

There are two main ways ABM is practiced, in groups or individually.

Group Lessons

Transformational Movement Lessons(sm) (TML)

What to expect:

You’ll be moving, most likely on the ground. Some lessons are seated, some you’ll do standing. I’ll be guiding you in making movements by talking. The movements you’ll be asked to do, may seem easy or difficult, maybe even impossible to accomplish at first. Do your best to follow the movements as asked, but never strain. Seek to do movements in a way that is enjoyable and easy for you. If you can’t make the movement requested, do the closest you can. You can even do the movement in your imagination and still get results

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Jeans or other tight pants and clothing can restrict your movement and make it more difficult for you. It’s a good idea to dress in comfortable layers, especially if you tend to feel cold. You may find after a few minutes of movement, that you warm up.

A note on directions. Directions are always given from the vantage point of your body in standing. So “Up” is towards your head, “Down” towards your feet. If you don’t understand an instruction, ask for it to be repeated. Part of the value of TMLs is in learning to make sense of the instructions and to make very specific movements on purpose. TMLs help you learn to do what you really want to do and know what it is you are actually doing.

Individual Lessons

Functional Synthesis(sm) Lessons (FS)

Together we’ll work to create a specific individual plan to address your current needs and goals. Gentle hands on movements will guide you to experience yourself in optimal function. You’ll be able to feel where you hold unnecessary tension and begin to create new patterns.

Wear loose comfortable clothing that lets you move easily. Pay attention to what you feel and notice the differences. The more you can feel, the quicker you’ll create changes. Be sure to let me know if anything is painful or uncomfortable.

Evolution of the Anat Baniel Method

About Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel worked closely with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais for many years and has been in continued practice for more than two decades. She has worked to refine and bring greater insight to the magnificent method Feldenkrais created. By mastering the techniques, and understanding and developing the theory behind the method and it’s remarkable outcomes, Anat has learned to explain the work and teach others how to provide the best possible results. She collaborates with current leaders in brain neuroplasticy and research who are demonstrating the reasons why this method works.

About Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was a physicist, an engineer, and a judo master. In the early 1940s though careful self reflection and study in order to heal an old knee injury, he developed a method for learning using movement and awareness. Long before there were any studies proving his theories, Dr. Feldenkrais realized that the brain can and does find new ways to organize the body, and can adapt to new ways of moving despite injuries.

From the Video Library

Click one of the videos below, or go to the Anat Baniel Method YouTube Channel to learn more about the ABM.

Dr. Merzenich at the Move into Life Workshop July 2009

Dr. Merzenich elaborates on Anat’s ideas from a neuroscientific perspective during the recent Move into Life workshop in San Rafael, California.

Move into Life with Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel, the inventor of the Anat Baniel Method(sm), describes her new book “Move into Life” – The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality. Anat explains how movement communicates with the brain, builds new brain connections even later in life; overcomes aches and pains; increases strength, flexibility and energy; enhances mental clarity, concentration and creativity; reverses the signs of aging, improves relationships, and generally helps you Move into Life!

Desk Trainer FAQ

Anat Baniel answers common questions about the usefulness of this unique desktop program for health, vitality and RSI issues.