Optical illusion dampens arthritis pain – latimes.com

In the study presented by UCSD neuroscientist Laura Case this week in Washington, eight subjects suffering from severe osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis sat in front of a mirrored box and extended one of their hands. A researcher extended his hand over the subjects hand and asked the subject to move her hand slowly. The researcher, meanwhile, mimicked the subjects hand movement.

The subject, seeing only the researchers hand in the mirror, saw a young, healthy hand performing movements fluidly and without pain or difficulty. And when asked about their hands level of pain after the exercise, subjects rated their pain, on average, 1.5 points lower, on a scale of 1 to 10, than it had been at the outset. Some had a 3-point reduction in pain, said Case.

via Optical illusion dampens arthritis pain – latimes.com.

Getting Started

Seems that taking that first step, getting things moving is sometimes the most difficult. I wanted a place to write about my progress stepping into life as an Anat Baniel Method Practitioner. I also wanted a place to share the things that I’ve found helpful and to encourage you to start moving into your life in a more powerful and productive way.

Let’s see how this works at the new blog set up here at SomaticNirvana.com.

I’m excited to share the first step with you!