Steele Lane Parks and Rec Classes

Transformational Movement Lessons (TML) at the Steele Lane Community Center in Santa Rosa.

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Leslie McClintock and I are the happy caretakers of what was previously known as the Feldenkrais Transformational Movement Class. We hope those who have taken Feldenkrais classes with Jan Peterson, or Dee Cope, will continue to join us Friday mornings at 11am as we explore learning to move with more ease and improve and expand our brain’s connections to moving well.

Neuromovement Transformational Movement

barcode 80670 — 8/26/2016 – 9/16/2016 (4 weeks)
barcode 80671 — 9/30/2016 – 10/21/2016 (4 weeks)
barcode 80672 — 11/4/2016 – 12/16/2016 (4 weeks *no class on 11/11, 11/25, 12/2)
barcode 80673 — 1/13/2017 – 2/10/2017 (5 weeks)
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Fri 11:00AM -12:00PM
Hub Room-Steele Lane Community Center

Do you want more from your life? To experience greater ease and comfort? Reduce pain and limitation? Increase your sense of strength and mobility? Transformational Movement Lessons, based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel, can help. Gentle, novel movements, help awaken your brain. Learning creates new neural connections and makes new movement patterns possible. These changes create differences that you can use in your everyday life. Wear layered warm, loose fitting clothing, and bring a towel for extra comfort. Min 12 Max 20 Instructors: Leslie McClintock and Barry Nordby, Certified ABM Practitioners