A Gripping Tale – Each Flick of a Finger Takes the Work of Five – NYTimes.com

Each Flick of a Digit Is a Job for All 5…Not only are the ring and pinky fingers physically tethered together by a shared tendon, as anatomists long have known; measurements of neuromuscular activation patterns have shown that all fingers, including the ones with the greatest structural autonomy, the thumb and index finger, are keenly responsive to every flex and twitch of their neighboring digits.

“Even when you think you’re moving just one finger,” said Marc H. Schieber, a professor of neurology and neurobiology at the University of Rochester Medical Center, “you’re really controlling your entire hand.”…

A Gripping Tale – Each Flick of a Finger Takes the Work of Five – NYTimes.com.

Anat Baniel: Children With Special Needs: A Revolutionary Approach Gives New Hope

“…think of your brain as the CEO of you. It manages all that you do  physically, emotionally and intellectually. For the healthy child, as well as the child with special challenges, the information his or her “CEO” brain needs in order to learn something new does not come from directly trying to perform what it doesnt yet have the information to perform. Instead, the necessary information comes from many small and varied movements and experiences that may seem completely unrelated to the final accomplishment. With the healthy child these movements are always within the range of what he or she can already do. The brain of the child with special challenges requires the same process to be able to learn and thrive!

Anat Baniel: Children With Special Needs: A Revolutionary Approach Gives New Hope.

Optical illusion dampens arthritis pain – latimes.com

In the study presented by UCSD neuroscientist Laura Case this week in Washington, eight subjects suffering from severe osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis sat in front of a mirrored box and extended one of their hands. A researcher extended his hand over the subjects hand and asked the subject to move her hand slowly. The researcher, meanwhile, mimicked the subjects hand movement.

The subject, seeing only the researchers hand in the mirror, saw a young, healthy hand performing movements fluidly and without pain or difficulty. And when asked about their hands level of pain after the exercise, subjects rated their pain, on average, 1.5 points lower, on a scale of 1 to 10, than it had been at the outset. Some had a 3-point reduction in pain, said Case.

via Optical illusion dampens arthritis pain – latimes.com.

Movement Workshop Saturday October 8th

TML ATM Movement Workshop October 8, 2011Join teachers Valerie and Barry Nordby as they lead you through two expansive movement explorations. Learn how slow, subtle movement made with attention can help you reach your goals. Move into your week feeling refreshed and energized. Call to reserve your space or get more information. 707-578-6931 or email barry@somaticnirvana.com

The lessons we’re teaching will help you find and release tension in your chest, make bending and reaching easier, and explore moving from lying to sitting more gracefully. It’d be great to see you there. Please pass this along if you know someone else who might be interested.

Pre-registration required, space is limited.
Date: October 8, 2011. 2-4 pm
Location: New School Aikido, Santa Rosa
Cost: Sliding scale $25 – $35.

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